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In this unnerving chiller, Kyle and Rachel Massy are a young couple who have agreed to document their first pregnancy for a reality show. During the production, a series of unexplained phenomena start plaguing the couple, eventually derailing the production of the show. Rachel, growing increasingly paranoid, starts to believe that there might be something seriously wrong with their unborn bundle of joy.
Directed By: 
Brian Netto
Produced By: 
Adam Schindler
Written By: 
Brian Netto & Adam Schindler
Main Cast: 
Laurel Vail, Danny Barclay & Rob Cobuzio
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About the Director: 

About the Director

Brian Netto

Brian grew up in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. He graduated in 2000 from the University of Wisconsin - River Falls, before moving to Los Angeles in 2002.

Brian quickly rose from a Post Production PA on the 2003 feature film "Grind" to an Executive Management Trainee for the Vice President of Visual Effects and Animation at Warner Bros, Chris Defaria.

It was during his time at Warner Bros that he gained unprecedented access to some of most cutting edge filmmakers in the business, as they conceptualized projects such as "300", "Constantine", "Batman Begins", "Superman Returns", and "I Am Legend".

In 2005, Brian went to work for Academy Award-winning director and DGA President, Taylor Hackford, the filmmaker behind "Officer and a Gentleman", "The Devil’s Advocate" and "Ray". Brian served as the Associate Producer on Mr. Hackford's most recent feature film, the crime/thriller "Parker" starring Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez.

Brian and his wife, Carmen, currently live in North Hollywood, CA. Delivery is his directorial debut.


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